Happy Friday. Food is Good.

Happy Friday. I guess. Nothing special about it really. I ate a soft moist decedent fresh chocolate cupcake topped with super rich soft creamy dark chocolate ganache and filled with creamy peanut butter from Trader Joe’s last night. It was the best thing I’ve EVER EVER EVER eaten. Ever. And I do mean ever. I tongue kissed it and whispered sweet nothings in its chocolate ear. I also ate white garlic sauced veggie/chicken pizza and that was second to best thing ever. And I also drank Sprite straight from the 2 liter bottle and it was so bubbly and refreshing and cold and sweet and I think it wanted to make love to me, it sure acted like it.

Mood spoiler: Then I drank unsweetened herbal organic detox tea from the hippy health-food garlic-breath flower twig spice wheatgerm oatbran saltless sugarless fiber vegan lovin’ store and went to bed. And now I’m eating three bland egg whites, half a cup plain oatmeal and half an apple with black coffee. I’m on a diet now. Back to the grind. Boo.

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Originally published at www.huffingtonpost.com on December 10, 2016.

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