When We’re Dancing Close and Slow

Photo Credit: DNA LOUNGE — www.dnalounge.com

Well today I thought back to when Prince sang When We’re Dancing Close and Slow at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco in 2013, and it has just completely thrown me off for the day. Sometimes my memory is too much for my own good. He stood there in that dark room on that small stage with that one light shining on him and his guitar, looking all sweet and innocent but then… the part when he sang “I can almost taste…”, well I remember what he did with his tongue and juicy lips and spit at that moment and how he then just left the spit glistening all around his mouth area (and almost dripping) as he continued singing. There was nothing sweet and innocent about it let me tell you now. Actually, yeah it was sweet.

Then when he said sort of soft and slow “Can’t you feel my ‘love’? (I see what you did there, Prince). And then he whispered, but in a bossy and strong demanding whisper, “TOUCH IT”. I remember his face expression and what he did with his guitar right as he said those words. Ok, wait, give me a minute……. can’t type, I just got shivers thinking of the expression and the whole guitar thing.

Ok, and then when he sang slowly and in a soft whispery way, all matter of factly, “I want to c*m inside you, I wanna hold you when we’re through”. I remember his oh-so-serious face expression at that moment also. And I remember hearing someone say, “Oh. My. God.” Maybe they didn’t know much about Prince?

This live version was very similar to the studio/album version by the way, minus the nice & sweet aspect of it. It wasn’t nice. Oh trust me, it was damn good. Realllllly really really good, but not ‘nice’.

Prince album — 1979

And I remember how some of Prince’s spit flew out of his glorious mouth and landed on my bottom lip and my arm at some point during this song. Gulp. Mmmkay…Taking. A. Breather. Right. Here.

I’m back. And the fact that we were right down below him dead center by his feet and looking up with our necks bent back as far as they could humanly go (and hurting a little bit with that ridiculously up close Prince concert sore neck pain that I never mind feeling), as he stared down at his guitar and played the *&%#@! out of it all soft and smooth and mellow and because you’re so directly underneath it there’s an illusion that looks and feels like he’s looking down directly at you while strumming, while the lights hit his eyes just right showing that hazel tint he has in his eyes that you can usually only see if super up close or, well, underneath him, yep I remember all that too. And I remember my newbie friend experiencing for the first time, the ‘front-of-stage-one-centimeter-from-Prince-in-small-room-while-he-sings-and-plays-guitar-exquisitely’ experience and how she said she had to look away for a brief moment because it was so intense and she could feel herself blushing.

And the way he was plucking those strings, the way he was playing that guitar. The sound. The everything. Marvelous. Basically, I’m done for the day. I can’t focus on anything. It’s a wrap. I can’t take no more! Actually, I’m going to sit here and think about the whole performance again right now. Damn you Prince.


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