A Story


A post in response to today’s daily one-word prompt.

Once upon a time, while I was out running errands, I noticed a small ice cream parlor in the near distance. “What the heck”, I said to myself. “I’m 20+ pounds overweight already so one last scoop of ice cream can’t be that bad”. I decided I’d go in and get a mini kid size scoop/cup and that would be my last bit of unhealthy consumption. For real this time. Once eating that little tiny bit of ice cream, I’d go home and finally pull out all of my exercise equipment and get back to it. I’d even go to Trader Joe’s before heading home and pick up some kale, nuts and berries and stuff. Maybe I’d even run by Big 5 Sporting Goods to grab some more resistance bands or free weights or something. I was motivated! The ice cream actually motivated me to do all of these things. Isn’t that somethin’?! “Thank you ice cream”, I thought at the time.

I went in and noticed all the unique flavors. It was immediately evident that this wasn’t a regular ice cream parlor. Oh no. This was very dangerous. Bad idea on my part. There were flavors such as Rose, Lavender Honey and Kulfi (A rose based ice cream with pistachios, cardamom spice and saffron.). Coconut. Mango. Molasses. White Chocolate and Ginger. They actually had a flavor named “Toffeeness”.  I’m assuming that one had hella toffee in it. To add to the extreme danger level, there was a big beautiful sign that read, “Samples!”

I sampled. I realized that this special ice cream was made and sent directly from the most divine of the divine Deities up above. I’m certain some deeply spiritual angels assisted with the creation as well. I bet the churn for such ice cream is not normal. Surely there’s some double churning, slow churning and extreme churning going on. Some special elaborate way of creaming it all together just right.

I left with a quart of Rose, a quart of Lavender Honey and a few other flavors… yeah, you know, just in case my family wanted to try some. I don’t even know if the parlor offered mini kid size cups, I never asked.

I got home and immersed myself in Ice Cream Paradise. I felt extremely guilty afterwards so I put on my exercise clothes and popped in a cardio DVD. I watched it.

I knew then that I could never return to that part of town again. I simply can’t risk getting too close to this heavenly yet dangerous place. The end.

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