Time: Rabbits, Enchanted and Ink

A post in response to today’s daily one-word prompt, RUSH.

RABBIT: In the 1865 novel “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (penname Lewis Carroll), there was the little rabbit that we all now know. I first saw him in the 1951 Alice in Wonderland Disney movie. As everyone also knows, Alice falls down a rabbit hole into a weird bizarre world and there her adventures begin. Later, when I watched the 2010 Tim Burton movie, he really caught my eye. He looked sort of sad and anxious. He was oddly creepily cute.

And I liked his mini rabbit sized lace shirt and fancy jacket. It reminded me of something Prince would wear; velvety dark sapphire jacket with a frilly lace shirt underneath, the bell-ish lace sleeves peeking out and over his hands.

Also, I have a thing with TIME. The thing is, I never have enough of it. I dislike that whole frenzied vibe but it is what it is. So I feel the rabbit! Always in a rush, just like me.

I decided to get this tattoo of him. I wanted it in color but I changed my mind because the red surrounding the rabbit’s eyes look super creepy and that’s fine but I don’t want ‘super creepy’ on my body. So I went with black and grey ink. Worked out well. Hurt like hell. Back of my thigh (goes down towards back of knee area) and with a very irritatingly painful needle(s) that needed to be used for small detailed intricate work. The talented tattoo artist is Nic Westfall.

He is holding a cup of tea instead of a clock. A reminder to myself to slowwww down. Stop rushing. Sit down for a moment and have a cup of tea. Chill out, woman!

ENCHANTED: I’m rather obsessed with these stunning porcelain Enchanted Dolls. The work put into such art is astounding. This magical woman, Marina Bychkova creates them. She creates every single little sculpted detail of the dolls, their elaborate clothing and teeny elaborate accessories. I’m just in awe.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m madly in love with various forms of art. I love how these are not sweet, nice, fun dolls. They are just NOT. These are not for playing with.

This Enchanted Doll in particular is about time. The whole time thing is so vexing to me. I battle with it. So here is another of my ‘time’ tattoos. This one starts near the top/back of my arm and goes down to my elbow. It’s my take on this doll (her face is different from the actual doll).

The concept of this doll, according to Marina, was born from moments of acute anxiety about wasted time… and other similarities related to the notion of time. You must take 20 seconds right now to read the beautiful bit of Twenty to Midnight!

20 second read: Twenty to Midnight

The tattoo artist is Carl Grace.  What he can do with ink, needles and skin! His work is pure art. This tattoo is a double dose of art and sculpting at its finest. In my opinion.

And if you notice, the clock on my tattoo is actually ten to midnight. I don’t even get the whole twenty minutes. Damn, I have issues.

As soon as I win the lottery, I’ll get one of these dolls and some more Carl Grace tattoos. 

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