A Very Short Story


A post in response to today’s daily one-word prompt: FRET .

Does anyone remember the Sweet Pickles books? I realize I’m showing my age with this question…

We used to always playfully call our mother “Worried Walrus”. Worried Walrus was one of the Sweet Pickles characters. He worried about every damn thing.

I should have been calling myself Worried Walrus as well. That’s me. Always has been. As a child and as an adult. I worry about everything and everyone. All the time. I know worry and concern are natural emotions, although there should definitely be some balance to it all.

I struggle with the balance part. The worry causes anxiety. The anxiety causes more worry.  I fret about fretting!  And that’s ridiculous. I’ll try to work on it.

Told you this was a very short story! Don’t worry about it, it’s just a story!

Oh and just for kicks, here are just a few of the other names of the other Sweet Pickles characters: Accusing Alligator, Kidding Kangaroo, Moody Moose, Healthy Hippo, Responsible Rabbit, Goof-off Goose… There were several others. In each book, one of them would get into a ‘pickle’ and have to come up with a way to deal with the difficult situation. 


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