Be Humble. B****, Sit Down.

A post in response to yesterday’s one word prompt, NARCISSISM.

Oops, I’m a day late! I wanted to quickly write about it anyway.

I know a few people that are narcissistic. They annoy me.

I could be wrong with all of this but here is my take on it. I feel narcissistic people  fallaciously think they are overly confident, better than everyone, look better than everyone, are envied by everyone, and loved by everyone. I think they feel they are aware of how awesome everyone thinks they are.

When actually, in my opinion, they are extremely oblivious. Aware of hardly anything that truly matters in life. I feel they falsely think they love themselves so much and think they are the absolute best but deep down inside, without even realizing it, they are not very happy and have various insecurities, hence their need to constantly try to show the world and themselves how fantastic they are.

An abundance of self-love, self-admiration and even some cockiness and arrogance: I feel these are all different from narcissism. They might even be in the same boat, but I feel there is definitely a difference.

These things seem narcissistic to me, rather than arrogant and cocky:

  • Self-absorbed
  • Self-centered
  • Excessive and obsessive interest in oneself and one’s physical appearance. Excessive as in shallowly vain.
  • Constant ‘Look at me!’ vibe
  • Feeling that they are better than everyone else
  • During conversation, they can go on and on about themselves but they are incapable of even hearing what the other person is saying, as they are too caught up on thoughts of themselves.

I wish narcissistic people would realize that there’s no need to prove themselves constantly! Especially if they are indeed, ‘All that!’. I wish they would realize that authentic and genuinely self-assured people are confident enough as it is! They have and feel all of it intrinsically. There is no need to boast or prove.

Beauty, accomplishment, self-worth, self-love, confidence, being proud of one’s self. These things are wonderful. And these things speak for themselves.

What I have to say to any oblivious narcissist is this: You probably have a mental and/or personality disorder. You may (or may not) be beautiful and gorgeous and have lots of wonderful awesome spectacular things about you, but unfortunately your narcissism distorts those things for the very ones (everybody) you are trying to prove yourself to. You are not as grandiose as you think you are. You’re often unpleasant to be around. You might be jealous of some shit. You probably need a psychoanalysis of some sort. Try to do some soul searching to learn what loving yourself and others really means. In summary, I quote Kendrick Lamar, “Be humble. Bitch, sit down”.


David A. Fields

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