Of Dictionary Randoms: “SURPRISE”

I open my dictionary to a random page. My finger lands on a random word. I post whatever I want, as long as it includes that word … no matter how random it may be. 

Today’s random word: SURPRISE

I went to the grocery store today with a strict 20-minute timeline in mind. I have a busy day! No time to peruse the aisles or walk with leisure. Get in, grab my items and head to the checkout. In. Out. Done. That was the plan.

Go in, get my kale, spinach and olive oil, my fruits and raw almonds. Grab my quinoa, my ginger, my cilantro. Swoop up my black-eyed peas, my coconut milk and my garlic and get goin’! An hour and a half later I strolled out with magazines, cleaning supplies, and a bunch of ingredients I’ve never used before. Just in case I might want to use them for a new recipe or something, you know? I read the backs of various packaging and containers and then stood to the side and googled all about the variety of components listed. I grabbed a few more nicnacs. Clearly I got sidetracked. No surprise. As usual, this was a fool’s errand. I have a love-hate relationship with both time and grocery stores.

Photo by Scott Warman on Unsplash

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