Of Dictionary Randoms: “Euphemism”

I open my dictionary to a random page. My finger lands on a random word. I post whatever I want, as long as it includes that word … no matter how random it may be. 

Today’s random word: EUPHEMISM. A mild or indirect expression or word(s) used as substitution for one considered to be too harsh, blunt, offensive or embarrassing. A pleasant way of saying something…

Hmmmm, so how can I say this nicely? I’m trying to be polite! I’m trying to be courteous!

Sometimes euphemisms are appropriate, given the situation. There’s a time and a place (and expressions/wording) for everything… unless you are like a bunch of people I know, including myself, who usually just come right out and say it.

  • Let go   (fired)
  • Misspoke   (lied)
  • Exotic dancer   (stripper)
  • Passed away or transitioned   (died)
  • Between jobs   (unemployed)
  • Adult entertainment   (porn)
  • The birds and the bees or sleep with   (sex)
  • Lady of the night    (prostitution)
  • Big-boned    (fat)
  • Neutralize   (kill)
  • Put to sleep   (euthanize)
  • Pass gas   (fart)
  • Ladies room/Men’s room   (bathroom)
  • Stubbed her toe or expecting   (pregnant)
  • Down there   (genitalia)

If you can think of any other examples, feel free to share in the comments.

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