Of Dictionary Randoms: “Ambient”

I open my dictionary to a random page. My finger lands on a random word. I post whatever I want, as long as it includes that word … no matter how random it may be. 

Today’s random word: AMBIENT. Existing or present on all sides. An aspect of the surrounding environment, typically mellow and soothing.

The colors of a glowing sunset.

Music playing softly in the distance.

Cuddled up with a warm blanket, your honey, a good movie and a good glass of wine.

Sitting in a dimly lit whiskey bar, drinking whiskey.

Spending time with loved ones and just feelin’ good and loved!

When I visited Muir Beach Overlook recently, I felt the ambient winds, soaked in the  ambient scents and devoured all of the other many ambient elements.

muir edit 3
Muir Beach Overlook (part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area). California

muir edit2muir edit 1

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