Happy Birthday Michael Jackson!

Today is Michael Jackson’s 60th birthday. I’ll be listening to his jams pretty much all day today.

His earlier music is such a part of my childhood, and more. My first dance/song at my wedding was ‘Rock With You’. Such a feel good song. Yes, I’ll admit, I wanted to go with a Prince song at first but I thought I should be considerate to my husband. Because, well…Prince. Nuff said. It was our wedding day after all (anyone who knows me, understands why this was such a thoughtful thing for me to do)!

Anywho, I miss Mike. I have a soft spot in my heart for him. I felt sad for him many times. I felt happy for him at times. I feel good listening to so much of his music.

I have to believe that he is resting very peacefully, with no pain and with not a care in the world (or heaven). I hope he just smiles all day every day. I hope he dances his heart out every day and glides across the clouds moonwalking like crazy! Heeee heeeeee!!

RIP Michael Jackson.

** Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, today is my birthday as well. But my first thought every year since I was a kid is, “It’s MJ’s birthday!” and then I remember it’s my birthday too 🙂

A song that I love and can NEVER sit still to: Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’

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