A Quick Photo Story

Me on a rock…

Once upon a time (just this past Saturday), we jumped up bright and early and drove to Rodeo Beach and the nearby hiking trails for some fresh air, peace of mind, some hiking and some strolling along the beach. *Rodeo Beach is in Sausalito, CA.

In no particular order:

We saw a coyote:coyote 2coyote

I waited for the water current to flow away from shore and then ran/climbed up this rock to see the gorgeous view… from the eyes of a rock. Waited a few minutes for the water to flow away again before jumping back down…another rock

Walked around the bend of a boring-looking hike trail and saw this! Soooo not-boring!IMG_4214.jpg

Got my hubby to wait for a few minutes while I headed back so he could get this photo. If you squint your eyes you can see me (see me with my arms up in the air?)rock.jpg

Saw this while walking along beach. I kept seeing single white rose petals blowing in the wind and then I saw where they were coming from. As you can see, one of the flower’s petals have all blown away… I didn’t pick up the note or attempt to read it, as it wasn’t mine to read, but the sight was touching so I took a quick photo and moved along.IMG_4535.jpg

Saw some beautiful beach views, and got rained on a tiny bit while doing so (see the clouds?)IMG_4410.jpg

After leaving, drove into town to grab a cup of coffee before jumping on the road to head back home and saw this on the counter! What the heck? It’s that time of year again already?! Time flies, lemme tell ya…IMG_4332.jpg


On the drive there and back, I was the DJ and alternated the music well in my opinion: Lil Wayne’s new album that just dropped on Thursday: “Tha Carter V” and Sade’s first greatest hits album, “The Best of Sade”.

Got home, drank a big ass glass of wine (but wished it was whiskey) and went to sleep. The end.


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