Of Dictionary Randoms: BOTTOMLESS

I open my dictionary to a random page. My finger lands on a random word. I post whatever I want, as long as it includes that word … no matter how random it may be.

Today’s random word: BOTTOMLESS


My bottomless list of complaints about my trek to work this morning:

I missed my BART train by a half of a half of a millisecond. Had to wait for the next one which equates to: “I’m late for work”.

BART train quickly filled up. The man standing next to my seat (so basically ‘above’ me) had a gross habit of snorting. A regular sniff? Oh no, that would be too nice for my morning. No. He snorted. Repeatedly. He also kept burping. I couldn’t figure out which one was pissing me off more.

BART delay. With that same gross man still standing there having a full blown snorting and burping fest. Right next to me.

Finally got off the train. Walked past the smelliest guy EVER in the world. Seriously messed with my stomach (and nose of course). I know he’s in the Guinness World Records. I know this is an actual fact. “Stankiest person to ever exist on earth.”

As I’m quickly rushing down the street, a person that looked like they had been chilling on a bench forever jumped off of said bench and started walking right in front of me. I HATE THAT! You couldn’t have waited until I took two more steps to pass you up?? You just decided to jump up out of nowhere and start slowly walking in front of me?? I almost tripped!

Finally made it to work. Rushed to get on elevators and saw at least 25 people waiting to get on! Some seminar in my building. On another floor. I let a few elevators pass by since they were so packed. Finally got on one which quickly filled up too. We had numerous stops before I could get all the way to the top floor (my floor). A large group finally got off one floor before me. A woman turns around and looks at me as she’s getting off (sometimes I can’t hide the ‘Bitch-I’m-irritated-as-hell-right-now’ look on my face so I’m assuming she saw that look earlier on) and she says all friendly, ‘Thank you…’ (I almost felt better and almost smiled at her until she finished her comment) ‘…ma’am’. OHHHHH!!!!!!! How does she not know that I hate being called ma’am??!!

To top it off, today is Monday. Not one of my favorite days. So whenever you hear me say, “Happy Monday!” all cheery…. I don’t really mean it.

I know these superficial dumb complaints mean nothing to you, but it made me feel a tinge better to type it out real quick. I could go on, but… bottomless lists of complaints, well they mean nothing to anyone but the one complainin’. Time to make the best of the day. I’m trying to jump into my happy zone. It might take a few minutes though.

I’m sure anyone having to listen to my complaints would just feel like Charlie Babbit in Rain Man. Last 43 seconds of video:

Posted August 28, 2018


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