What I Loved About the Black Panther Movie



I’m not a huge fan of comic book and superhero movies but I do understand the appeal. I’ll admit that other than the 1978 DC Comics Superman movie (which I loved and saw countless times), I haven’t really kept up since. My apologies to all you Marvel lovers, I realize how blasphemous that must sound! I’m just not a superhero movie type of gal. All of that to say, however, that I was super excited to see the Black Panther movie. I went opening weekend and have gone back a second time already.

I won’t get all deep with this. At. All. There’s already an abundance of analysis, dissection, debate, roundtable discussion, allegory elucidation and interpretation. No need for me to add in any more! Besides, a single comic book movie should not and cannot take on full responsibility to explain and/or summarize deeply complex issues of great importance and reality.

And even if a few things did bother me like the violence/fighting with one another I will not delve into it as I write this happy list of mine. Nope. This is my ‘I love it’ list. It’s all about the positivity. Because Black Panther is amazing!

Yes, I saw some deep allegories and analogies. Yes, I consider it, as a whole, much more than just a superhero comic book movie, but then again, I also consider it… a superhero comic book movie.

Here are some specific elements that I loved about the movie — in no particular order:


“Hey Aunty.”

Kendrick Lamar. “Black Panther: The Album”

The Women of Wakanda. A whole army of spectacular woman warriors!!!!! (I really want to add more explanation marks here).


A stunningly gorgeous and predominately all black cast. OMG

Lupita Nyong’o. Letitia Wright. Michael B. Jordan. Chadwick Boseman. Danai Gurira. Angela Bassett. Daniel Kaluuya. Winston Duke. Forest Whitaker.

Making box office history! Which by the way, is continuing every second, literally, as I write this. Like records are still being broken right this very exact moment…

Ryan Coogler. Period.

Oh, and the fact that Ryan Coogler is only 31 years old.

Shuri (Letitia Wright): Princess of Wakanda. She’s an Innovator. She’s a Scientist. She’s an Engineer. She’s a genius. She’s into creating and technology and she’s brilliant. She’s beautiful and her hair is natural. In my opinion she’s a damn goddess and the BEST PRINCESS EVER.


Some of the women characters: Spys, Warriors, Head General. My nieces are seeing this.

What stereotypes? There were none.

The aftershock of it all has been quite amazing. I’m loving all the positive fuss.

The beautiful visuals of everything: The people. The fabulous setting. The remarkable and striking African garb.

Grand Lake theatre in Oakland has been lit!

Practically everybody wanted to see this movie! I went to two different theaters. Both packed. Both filled with a little bit of everybody.

The dress code for the Black Panther Movie Premiere was ‘Royal Attire’. Everyone looked magnificent and exquisite in majestic vibrant outfits, colors and African patterns.

All the royal purple: The purple carpet (instead of red) at the Premier. The purple magical metal that is Vibranium. The purple Heart Shaped Herb. The purple energy-charge in Black Panther’s suit.

Communication with the Ancestors. Love it.

Winston Duke (M’Baku) is Tobagonian!! And so is Sekani Solomon! Sekani is a Motion Designer. He worked on the end titles which included a short animation bit at the end of the film. (My ancestry tree is filled with Trinidad.Trinidad.Trinidad.Trinidad.Trinidad. 🙂

Danai Gurira’s bald head!!

HAIR. HAIR. HAIR. Beautiful. *** NATURAL ***

My young nieces and nephews! They are soaking it in!!

The Production Designer that spearheaded the Afrofuturist design direction of Wakanda is Hannah Beachler. And she is the first-ever female production designer of a Marvel film.

Since I needed to use words to write this instead of all visual images, can you please just go ‘Google Image’ crazy now? Just take a few minutes to drool over all the fantastic visuals. Your eyes will thank you.


Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa

Lupita Nyong’o as NAKIA

Danai Gurira as OKOYE

Angela Bassett as RAMONDA

Forest Whitaker as ZURI

Winston Duke as M’BAKU

Daniel Kaluuya as W’KABI

We see you Martin Freeman (as Everett Ross) and Andy Serkis (as Ulysses Klaue! 🙂 )

Posted March 2, 2018

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