Faerie For A Day

A post in response to today’s daily one-word prompt.

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Welcome to my imagination: Today I decided I don’t feel like the usual busy, tight scheduled, too-much-on-my-plate, long to-do list sort of day. I don’t feel like working or commuting or laundry or cooking or any sort of responsibility. So I’m going to chill with the faeries today. Actually, I’ll do more than that, I’ll be one of them! So I’m three inches now. I have wings and I’m flying over to meet them. Today will be such a fun filled day! First I’ll relax. I’ll lay out in a warm sun kissed tree on a comfy branch with a folded in half leaf for extra cushion and a flower bud for a pillow. I’ll get bored of my relaxing so I’ll get up off of my branch and go do something constructive with the others. We’ll paint some beautiful patterns on the flowers in the garden. We’ll tend to the vegetables and shoo (scare) the ants away from the plants. We’ll get some weeding done. We’ll dance and sing some faerie songs.

We’ll get tired of such simple humdrum shortly after and jump into some mischief instead. Now we’re talkin’! Faeries can be mischievous don’t you know! We’ll paint some fruits and berries the wrong colors. We’ll harass some ladybugs. We’ll hop on the backs of dragonflies and ride along with them even though they don’t feel like being bothered. All of that will quickly prove to be just as lackluster so we’ll head into town for some fairly harmless pranks on humans.

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We’ll hide people’s keys and glasses. We’ll stomp on baking cakes so they never rise! If we see someone trying to boil water, we’ll wait until they look away and blow on it so it never boils! We’ll tangle people’s hair up. We’ll take doorknobs off of people’s cabinets and switch them with their neighbor’s knobs. We’ll knock over people’s wine and make them think their human friend did it. We’ll hide the matches to people’s socks. We’ll cover our tiny hands and feet in pine tree pollen dust and leave hand and footprints all over somebody’s face while they’re sleeping. We’ll pull pranks until we’re completely worn out from laughing so hard. Then we’ll hop on a bird’s back and fly back to our tree. We’ll all cop a squat branch to take a nice comfy nap. Tomorrow is a new day. Let’s see what I get into then……….

Posted March 7, 2018







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