Shiny Drab



A post in response to today’s daily one-word prompt.

What would you do for a shiny red ribbon if everything else in your world was completely and hopelessly colorless?

Shiny ribbons tied into billowy silks, elaborate lace and royal golden textiles. Fancy intricate trimmings of vibrant pigments and hues.

Butter, lemon, and dandelion yellows. Emerald and chartreuse greens. Garnet and strawberry reds. Corals and blushes. Sapphire and teals. Amethyst and fuchsia…

Fancy frocks fluttering and whooshing about.

A friend. Freedom. Gin to stay warm. Laughs to be had.

But alas;

The colorless world and shiny red ribbon lead to a great deal of tragedy, sticky thighs, repulse, heartbreak and casualty. All draped behind lavish layers.

The clever self-demise beating the anticipated demise.

Do what you must to grasp the ribbon, was the initial thought.

Pity. In the light, the ribbon was in fact, dingy brown.

Poor Mary.

Thoughts about Mary Saunders (SLAMMERKIN by Emma Donoghue)

Posted march 13, 2018


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