Come here, Coffee!

I covet coffee, I need some this morning, posthaste!

Coffee, coffee, hold the cream

Give me coffee, before I scream

Black coffee works just fine…

Columbian, Java, Kona, makes me no nevah-mind

Coffee, coffee, quick! Get in my soul

Because right now, my brain is comparable to the size of a buttonhole

I need coffee to wake it up

So please hurry and get all up in my cup

Oh! You are here!

Well thank you so much my medium-roasted dear!

Gulp, gulp…. Ok, my body, soul and brain has opened wide

I’ll apologize to whoever I pre-coffee side-eyed

I’ve gone from grumpy to jumpy but that will mellow out

And lord have mercy, I hope there is never a coffee drought!

my coffee

Posted August 23, 2018

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