If I Had 7 Days




If I had 7 days every single week to do whatever I wanted to do for the whole day… without having to concern myself with making money or paying bills,  here’s some of what I would do. While feeling all extra carefree and un-rushed and unbothered.

In no particular order, I’d pick any of the days below to fill every day of every week. Any of my children or loved ones would be free to join me at any time.


Music Day – This day would be filled with absolutely nothing but music! Some days would be dedicated to specific genres or eras. Other days would be some of everything, all mixed up together!

Adventure Day – This day would be for outdoor recreation. Hiking, canoeing, zorbing, mountain biking, rock climbing, ziplining, skydiving, kayaking, etc. Any one of these will suffice. Actually, I’m crossing ziplining and skydiving off of the list. I was trippin’ for a second…

Genealogy Day – Research, research and more research. And then some more research. I’m a bit obsessed with this and can probably tell you more about some of my family’s ancestors from the 1800s then I know about some living people now!

Puzzle Day – I think this is good for zoning out and also good exercise for the brain.

Trip Planning Day – This would be a day for me to work on my next amazing trip, because I’d be an insatiable traveler.

Romance Day – This day would be for me and the hubby and me and the hubby only! Whether going on a trip, or just to a gorgeous beach, or just at home vegging out in front of the TV, or out to an amazing/romantic restaurant, or off to an overnight lavish resort, or just the whole day together doing a bunch of nothing!

Paint Day – Water paints. Oil paints. Acrylic paints. It makes me no nevahmind. I think painting is good for focusing and zoning out simultaneously. I think it would be good for the creative juices to get their flow on…

Kids Day – This day would consist of me swooping up great nieces, great nephews, grandbabies and who-evah other kids in the family. I would spoil them like crazy! I’d take them wherever they wanted to go and let them do whatever they wanted to do! Alllll day!

“My” Kids Day – On this day, my children will spend their entire day with me. We’ll spend major quality time together. Period. WOOOHOOOOO!

Read a Good Book Day – Instead of it taking me weeks to finish a book, I could potentially finish it in one day since that’s the only thing I would be doing.

Writing Day – I would work on my blog posts or a movie script or a book or an idea I have or a story of something for someone.

Spend the Day with My Mama Day – This would be the day to spend the whole entire day with my mother, who is in a nursing home. The entire day!! Just filled with her!

Research Day – This would be a day of me researching to see what else I want to learn about or get into…

Pedicure/Massage Day – This would be a day of long ass pedicures (the fancy ones including exfoliating, moisturizing, massaging, hot stones, hot wax… all that good stuff. Yeah, I meant a “pedicure pedicure”!

Volunteer Day – This would be a full day of ‘helping’. Local youth programs. Senior center/homes. Animal shelters. Or any other place that could use some extra help.

Please note these two important things!

  1. Every day would always include exercising first thing in the morning and a long beautiful walk right after, before getting my day started.
  2. I’d have a bi-weekly trip (or maybe weekly.. yeah, weekly would be better) to Texas to visit my special grandbaby, my son and his fiancé.

BUT, since I don’t have 7 days a week to freely do whatever I want …

After work today, and like most days, I’ll head home on BART while cussing out any annoying passengers (in my head). Once home, I’ll kick off my shoes, rip off my work clothes, see that the hubby has already dozed off so I’ll get comfy on the couch and binge watch my current TV obsession, ‘Dr. Pimple Popper’. Sometimes with a glass of wine. And a puzzle still in the box that I’ll stare at occasionally with intentions of opening it when I get some time. I’ll also pull out my phone and peruse ancestry.com looking for new genealogy finds, I’ll listen to a few songs, I’ll look up fun places to take kids, I’ll look up nice places to travel to. I’ll text with my sisters. I’ll call my son to check on the baby. I’ll pull out the book in my purse that I’ve been carrying around for months because I’ve really been meaning to get started on it. I’ll be doing all of this at the same time and within a short amount of time. I’ll end up falling asleep in the middle of Dr. Pimple Popper (probably before she pops it!), in the middle of attempting to schedule a pedicure on-line, in the middle of reading the first page of the book. I’ll wake up in the middle of the night, poor the wasted glass of wine down the drain, and stumble to bed. I’ll get up in the morning and make a list of things I need or wish to get done sometime soon, and then I’ll head off to work.

Summary of this piece: Possibly prioritizing? Possibly procrastination? Possibly a too-busy mind? Possibly that I am a dreamer with intentions of trying to act on/fulfill some of them? Possibly I’m irritated that I waste lots of wine? Possibly that I wish I had way more than 7 days in a week? Possibly that I could probably summarize things without being as wordy as I just was? Take your pick!

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