Sometimes All At Once

Today is Prince’s birthday, so I’m reposting this one because I’m listening to Prince all day today and I’m all in my Prince-lyric-song-music feelings. You get what I’m saying. Happy birthday Prince.


Prince’s lyrics are funny, serious, silly/corny, profound, disturbing, beautiful, political, sad, happy, crazy, angry, simple, bizarre, funky, romantic, raunchy, passionate, feel-good, confusing, way-out-there, not-to-be-understood, perfectly clear, loving, honest, arrogant, vulnerable, metaphoric, sexy, blissful, melancholy, complicated, sincere, contradicting, perfect, telling, raw…

Sometimes all at once.

And sometimes only one of the above steers an entire song.

Not always just his lyrics, but the overall composition. The music. The songs. Same things apply to him, as a person, in my very strong opinion.


I do realize that not everyone knows all about his vast catalog.  It would take a few good months of heavy duty listening and digging to really get into it and get through a lot. If you don’t already realize what I’m saying, you certainly would after you dug in. If you only think of Purple Rain or his mainstream hits when thinking of Prince, you are truly missing out. If you like gospel, or rock, or jazz, or blues, or R&B, or pop, or funk, or soul or anything in between, well then you should dig in and you should LOVE Prince.

#gottareallylisten #staywoke #whataride


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