Had U

Prince’s final song on the final album (Chaos and Disorder, 1996) that he had to complete to finally finish out the tumultuous and infamous Warner Bros. contract is titled Had U.

Anywho, it’s fair to say, not too many people know the song. Well here it is:

Had U

Missed you
Called you
Found you
Begged you
Convinced you
Saw you
Held you
Kissed you
Fondled you
Tempt you
Undress you
Smelled you
Wanted you
Asked you
Thanked you
Minded you
Hurt you
Disappoint you
F*ck you
Had you

(Length – 1:25)  Listen here – HAD U

His very next album, free of Warner Bros., was coincidentally, or rather NOT, titled Emancipation. See what I mean about not being coincidental?

And now let’s go back for a quick moment. Coincidentally, or rather NOT, Prince’s very first song on his very first album ever, is titled For You. The album holds the same title. The song is short and sweet and straight to the point (and one of my favorites). He was letting us know. Here is the entire song:

For You

All of this and more, is for you
With love, sincerity and deepest care
My life with you I share

(Length – 1:06. Coincidentally, or rather NOT, in numerology that equals the number 7, which Prince had a thing for…)

Listen here – FOR YOU

From PrinceVault: “It is commonly believed that the song’s placement [Had U] as the final song on his final newly-recorded album for Warner Bros. was an intentional parallel to the use of For You as the first song on his first Warner Bros. album For You, accentuated by the song’s length and its tone. Prince himself has never confirmed this, however.”

So, Had U could very well be for Warner Bros., or……… could very well be for a woman that pissed him off. I’d say there’s a 50/50 chance it could be either or. But what do I know? And so are the complexities of Prince.


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