Lusciously Divine Party this Friday!

Microfiction: Short-short stories that take an itsy bitsy amount of time to read. Each microfiction piece on this page is under 350 words (comparable to three minutes or less reading time).

I’m throwing a lusciously divine party tonight

Friday evening essentials will be present, each item equally exquisite: red wine, honey, dark chocolate, delectable plant-based treats to feel healthy, sparkling water, tea, cake and ice cream and gluten free bread with warm butter

Amazing music, dancing, incense and candles, Apple TV, Hulu, Netflix

Shoes must be removed upon entry, bra-removal policy (yeah, we gettin’ comfy-comfy… let the girls breath, ok?!), loose comfortable lounging attire only, must kick feet up and stretch out on couch – it’s new, it’s unbelievably comfortable, it’s a requirement

I’m telling you honey chile, the vibe will be all of these things: enchanting, ravishing, glorious, stupendous, radiant, majestic, breathtaking, restful, comforting and fun. Far from a farce.

The party carries on until the last attendee collapses joyfully in the room with the large bed (hey now!)

Strict policy, “Invite Only”

The invite was sent earlier this week

The guest list included one invitee

I was sure to RSVP promptly: “Party of 1”

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