Dreaming Big and Big Dreaming

Microfiction: Short-short stories that take an itsy bitsy amount of time to read. Each microfiction piece on this page is under 350 words (comparable to three minutes or less reading time).

I woke up so inspired yesterday. I was full of energy and ready to get all up in it. After coffee, I sat in my little yard in my little lawn chair and wrote a movie script about a young girl from Oakland that wanted to be an artist, a teacher, a comedian, a veterinarian, a therapist/counselor, an oil painter, a dancer, a DJ, a song writer, part of a musical group, a fitness instructor with a perfect figure, a mother, a lawyer, a genealogist, a nutritionist, a professional world traveler/review writer, a screenwriter, a philanthropist, a scientist, a gymnast and a very wealthy person that loved to share. Over time, she was able to accomplish all of these things in quite an array of interesting events, and in the end she settled on the beautiful 7,801 acres that her entire huge family shared. They had amazing family parties and often! A lot is going on in this script, lemme tell you now!

Anywho, I completed the script yesterday. I called around and I was easily able to contact Spike Lee, Jordan Peele, Ron Howard, Issa Rae, Steven Spielberg, Ava DuVernay, Tyler Perry and Mara Brock Akil. I reached out to everyone and surprisingly, they all happened to have the day free and time to review the script! We jumped on a conference call and brainstormed. They contacted my favorite actors and some of my favorite musical artists and OMG we are working on the film honey! Yes we are. It’s coming out later this year. Combo genre: drama, comedy, adventure, historical, romance, thriller. I can’t tell you much more right now because it’s confidential but just you wait and see!

That was yesterday. Well I woke up this morning with such vivid thoughts of my dream. It all felt so real. Then I remembered what really happened yesterday. I woke up, got coffee, sat in my little lawn chair trying to think of something to write and couldn’t think of shit. Not one damn thing. Ugh! So I took a nap instead.


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