These Shoes

Found these in my closet this morning while searching for my flat ugly sandals and it brought me back to this day of defeat.

PAPAYA DARLING (Jeffrey Campbells Icy Wedge with Barbie Doll Heads)

My co-worker showed up to an event with the most irresistible shoes on. I was immediately hooked. I love heels and wear them often. Sleek, boring, wild and crazy, low, high, platforms, stilettos, I like them all! And I’ve mastered walking in them. I can even do a little jog if I need to. Hey now! As I’ve grown older though, I’ve come to realize the extreme importance of comfort, stability and practicality of shoe wearing. I have to pass on some shoes now because I know they wouldn’t be practical for me to dare wear all day.

My coworker let me know these delicious shoes were comfortable but that she had to be very careful walking in them. I know shoes like that. I don’t mind needing to be cautious in a pair of awesome shoes every now and again. My…

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