Take Me For The Day

A post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

I’d like to disappear for the day. Just for the day. A care-free feel-good nice and simple day.

Sun, Moon and Stars: Are you busy? Can I join you for a bit? Can I accompany you during one of your phases, Moon? Or can I be part of your sparkle, Stars? Sun, just kiss me from a distance please.

Ocean and Sea: Need someone to jump in and swim or peacefully float around all day? I’m available!

Hey Music: Please swallow me whole. For the entire day. Thank you.

Love: Don’t be complicated. Not even in the slightest. Be simple all day long today. Period!

Whiskey or Red Wine: I’m right here! One of you come fill me up. Quick!

Oh Bed! Yeah you! You there in my room! The one that I dripped and smeared my favorite scented candle wax on near my pillow on purpose. Please come get me as soon as possible. Make me lay there all day with you.

Memories: Come steal me for the day please. Bring me back to the house I grew up in. Or remind me of all the times I laughed with my mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. Take me back to when I was a kid running around with my siblings, cousins and friends. Please find that piece of linoleum we carried around with us for our break-dancing challenges in the neighborhood. Take me to play with our dog Pumpkin and her puppy Seed for the day. Bring me back to all the fun times we had at the Oakland Coliseum drive-in movies. Sneaking in under the pile of blankets with our home-made yeast/garlic popcorn, fried chicken and Food Mill sparkling waters. Or years later, my first movie date with my now-husband. Please remind me of when my now grown children were still my little babies. Remind me how they always followed me around giving me hugs and kisses, telling me I was their best friend and how much they loved me!

Sun, Moon, Stars, Ocean, Sea, Music, Love, Whiskey, Red Wine, Bed or Memories: If any of you can spare the time to swoop me up for the day I’d greatly appreciate it. Because I’d like to disappear for the day. Thank you.

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Posted March 23, 2018

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