Front and Center, Awake Dreams


Lay still there for a moment, don’t get up just yet!

Did you flap your arms and fly around the world last night? Was your momma back to being healthy and vibrant? Was your father a wonderful man? Did you fall violently off a cliff but land safely on a bed of velvety flowers? Did you jump up and down on the table during the all-staff conference while screaming, “fu*ck this pointless meeting, and fu*ck all of you!” Did you turn into an animal and chase people or did you get chased? Where you a famous piano player? Did you effortlessly walk up walls and across ceilings? Were you in your old childhood home? Were you lost in a horrible maze? Were you married to the person of your dreams and were they 1000% perfect in every single way? Did you die? Were you happy?

Well, whatevah your dreams were last night, lay there for a moment and take the time to remember them.

Just as they slip out of your memory if you don’t think of them the moment you wake up, dreams can slip away if you let them sit alone for too long.

Dreams in your sleep may not mean much (or maybe they do), but your ‘Awake Dreams’…

Oh your ‘Awake Dreams’! Those are the ones you must remember, hold on to and keep prominently at the forefront. Don’t ever let them slip away.

JR Korpa, Unsplash


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