Let Me Think About It…

“Yesterday I tried to write a novel, but I didn’t know where to begin
So I laid down in the grass tryin’ to feel the world turn”  – Prince. “Moonbeam Levels”

~ ~ ~

My mind rambles

And it over-focuses

And it analyzes things deeply while slowly picking apart each and every little particle of the subject

And it procrastinates

And it blocks things out

And it hones in on things for far too long

And it forgets things it absolutely should not ever forget

And it gets obsessed with things

And it studies and researches and memorizes

It compartmentalizes things and then I try to go back later and dig things out, if I can find it…

It screams at me, it sings to me, it constantly pokes. It calms me, it tries to justify, defend, vindicate and reassure. It reminds me of love, fear, potential and hurdles.

It jumps around! There’s a lot going on in there, honey. A LOT.

Yet ask me what I’m thinking about at any given moment. I will genuinely draw a complete blank. Total blankness! I won’t be able to muster up one single thing – out of the thousands – that happen to be sittin’ right on my mind.

Now, I’m supposed to be writing some short stories for a voluntary work project that I’m really excited about and more than happy to take part in! Guess what? My pages are still blank. My mind has been running a marathon, bumping into various ideas as it jogs along. But my pages remain blank. Empty. Big ass space of nothingness. I’m trying to think here people!

My mind is past just being up in the clouds. It’s up near the moon by now. Spilling out all over the place.

Maybe I’ll come up with something after I analyze why I chose to use the word “and” repeatedly for this bit. I’m sure there was a reason why. After I figure it out, I’ll get right on it! Yeah, just after I finish thinking about this one thing…

Photo by Aditya Chinchure on Unsplash

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