Of Dictionary Randoms: “Urge”

I open my dictionary to a random page. My finger lands on a random word. I post whatever I want, as long as it includes that word … no matter how random it may be.

Today’s random word: URGE. To strongly encourage.

  • Memories
  • Music
  • Love
  • Old photos
  • Realization
  • New beginnings
  • Truth
  • Choices

Each of these can bring on so much happiness and joy. Each can also provoke sadness and glum.

The feelings of happiness and sadness can be simultaneous. I wouldn’t necessarily call it ambivalent, as there really isn’t any contradiction. An odd sensation, this feeling… but not ambivalent.

I urge people, including myself, to choose the happy and joyous feelings as much as possible. Easier said than done, right? Feelings of dismal will arise at times. Of course! But try not to wallow and bask in them. Not for too long anyway! Choose happiness and positivity. Laugh, reminisce, dance, smile, hug somebody you love (even if it’s yourself), embrace change, appreciate the good music, your good experiences and memories and consider yourself fortunate.

Chose happiness. Remind yourself and others often if you need to! If you feel gloomy sometimes, so be it. And then move on honey and get all up in your happiness! You deserve it. We all deserve it.


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