Will You Marry Me

Please say yes! We’ve been committed to one another for quite some time now and I definitely plan to spend the rest of my life with you.

You’re so attentive and in tune with my needs and wants. You bring me joy and I just love the ease and calm of spending time with you. Your wide range of knowledge and how you constantly grow and expand is impressive. You’re always working on you! And I know it’s because you love me and want to offer me all you can. I relish in knowing that.

It’s like you flow through my mind with the strength of the Amazon River to know just what I’m thinking. I am not intimidated by that at all. I have nothing to hide, I expect you to know my wants and work towards satisfying me. And darling, you do that so well. I appreciate you for it.

The way you remember what is important to me is impeccable. You give me peace of mind. You are always respectful of my time. You just make my life so easy!

You take care of my family as if they were your own. If I need to be there for them, you hastily step up to help me do so.

I know I can always count on you. If there’s ever anything you can’t help me through, I respect your transparency, you keep it real without wasting my time.

You save me from bad situations when my decision making is poor. When you make a mistake, I love how quick you are to admit it and even more so, make up for it, correct your wrongs and make it right.

Yes, you have your filters up sometimes but that’s ok, because I know you”ll let me see through them if I want to. You let me do whatever I want.

You are so kind to me during the holidays in particular. Oh, you spoil me so good! This Christmas in particular baby, you really proved your power and perseverance. You showed out this time! You made me feel like I was your prime priority and you knocked me off my feet. It’s what made me want to finally pop the question. We need to make this official my love. I want to continue to fulfill my obligations to you indefinitely.

So how do we make this work? This will be a first of its kind. Non-traditional to say the least! I can see it now, everyone amazed and in awe with our crazy idea. And I don’t care what people think! You know I’m not into the whole walking down the aisle thing. All the people gawking and looking on. I loathe the whole conventional premise of it all, really. But I would be so honored and proud to walk down this aisle for you, only for you my sweetness. If we can just find a way. I’ll research and see what I can come up with. There must be some sort of law to pull off this sort of thing.

So I’ll ask again. Amazon Prime, will you marry me? Please say yes!

Shardayyy Photography – Unsplash



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