Onwards, Play on Words!

This is about a dream that makes no sense. You know how dreams can sometimes be so random, Twilight Zone-ish and Alice In Wonderland-ish as in down the rabbit hole craziness? Well this was one of those kind of dreams…

There was a whole group of us. And some were A-holes if I’m being honest!

One of the people loved sewing and wanted us to all sew. Also, she wanted to include knitting and crocheting. Feeling such a project would be arduous, someone said, “That’s tough!” “That stuff?!”, another person exclaimed, thinking it wouldn’t be so hard.

Another person said she would much rather drink wine, so someone took her down to the cellar to see what they could sell her. The wine seller pointed to one of the bottles, “Now here’s a good buy.” “Goodbye”, she said while laughing and walking off, feeling it was overpriced. She later decided she wanted it anyway, so went to the bank for some cash. The teller thought he’d tell her the wine seemed like a decent price.

There was a man in the group with a stuffy nose, telling everyone about all the stuff he knows. He wanted everyone to mind their business but also wanted them to hear everything he had to say. “Mind your biz! Are you listening?” How bizarre.

Another person in the group noticed a flower garden across the way. He rose from his seat and went over to the first pretty rose he saw. He spotted tulips also. He picked some and held them in his two lips as he walked back to the group (because he noticed he had flour on his hands from cooking earlier).

Someone saw a cloud of smoke in the distance and thought it would be fun to walk into. In two, the cloud parted. He saw a well. “Well now, I wonder what’s down there?” There he saw lots of snacks. Pairs of pears, cereal boxes with weird serial numbers on them, lots of lots, and he could see a sea of other treats. “Ice Cream!”, I screamed, the moment I spotted some. Just then I had a notion. An ocean of treats just for us? I began to realize this might not be true. Not real at all! More like real lies! Maybe I’m not seeing this with my real eyes? Could it just be a dream? What is going on? Ongoing debates began about what the heck was happening and why. Someone ate eight candy bars! “Are we even allowed to eat any of this?”, others wondered aloud. Someone else commented on how fat we’d get eating it all. “Wait till you see how much weight we gain… I warn you.” Worn out from discussion, people quieted down after a while.

I thought I had seen it all, but this scene was somethin’ else. If anything, we’d have quite the tale to tell people. If they didn’t believe us though, we’d be walking away, tail between legs.

We got sidetracked as someone spotted a fair. The fare seemed reasonable to most, although some were bothered by the sum. The group put their money together anyway and entered. Blue bubbles of sugar blew past from the cotton candy machine. There was an artist selling prints of Prince.  A magician was in the middle of an act but upset that just across the way, the steel drummers were stealing the show. Their setup and performance was great. He thought of a way to sabotage them, he’d tear open a bag of onions to make their eyes tear up so they couldn’t see their drums. It didn’t work so he moved on. On moved the music. The magician was out standing on the sidelines alone as the drummers continued their outstanding show.

The group saw a light shortly after. A boy asked his father what it was. “It’s the sun, son!” They walked towards the light hoping to reach the top of the rabbit hole.

A lady, sounding relieved, said she wanted to finally get home and take a nice cold shower. A man said he wanted even more, an ice cold shower. A person with a speech impediment struggled to say, “I want t-t-to stay here f-f-forever instead.” Someone shouted out, “What crazy words have you just uttered?” Someone rudely followed up, ‘Yeah, what crazy words have you just stuttered?!”

Oh, I’ve rapped on about this long enough. To wrap up this crazy dream story, in words, the group moved inwards. I don’t know what happened after that. That is when I woke up!

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