CARTER G. WOODSON (1875–1950)


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“What we need is not a history of selected races or nations, but the history of the world void of national bias, race, hate, and religious prejudice.” -Carter G. Woodson


Carter G. Woodson was known as the “Father of Black History”. He lobbied to establish BLACK HISTORY MONTH as a nationwide institution. He lobbied schools and organizations to participate in the special program with the intent of encouraging studies of African American history, which began in February 1926 as Negro History Week. The program continued to grow and was later renamed Black History Month.

He was the second African American to receive a doctorate from Harvard (after W.E.B. Du Bois).

He was the Founder of the Association for the Study of African American Life and History.

Woodson established the scholarly publication Journal of Negro History in 1916, formed the African American owned Associated Publishers Press in 1921 and created the Negro History Bulletin in 1937 to help teachers with African American studies.

In addition to being a journalist and historian he was also the author of the book The Mis-Education of the Negro.

Furthermore, he held several academia positions. He was the Armstrong Manual Training School principal in Washington, D.C. before becoming a dean at Howard University and the West Virginia Collegiate Institute.


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