Asha the Magician

Hummingbirds Jeandre Marinier, South African Artist_filter
‘Hummingbird Flight’ – oil on canvas art. South African artist, Jeandre Marinier
Name pronunciation for Asha: AHH-sha (e.g. "awesome")

There’s a tiny little magician that goes by the name of Asha. She can do the most phenomenal things.

Asha can change dates. One time she changed May 20th to February 18th. I swear she did!

Asha has the ability to unambiguously communicate with top-of-the-line medical professionals and specialists of the sort, without even speaking. Believe you me, she magically gets her point across, all without uttering a single word.

Asha can make people spend money, honey! She can make people come up with money they don’t even have. She can make people do wild things like stop what they are doing and jump on a plane. And this is all without any sort of formal business or sales training, magic trick courses or schooling of any kind. Can you believe that?!

Asha can instantly bring emotions and joy and love to people that she’s never even met or seen, and from thousands of miles away.

But being a magician is just one of Asha’s many capabilities. She’s also super talented and multifaceted. She’s very hard-working and tremendously strong. She’s ambitious, determined, resilient and quite courageous. She’s so fierce and sassy, yet humble, modest, sweet and angelic. She’s inspirational!!!!!

She’s an ‘out-of-the-blue’ nudger.

She’s an exceptional conqueror of extreme challenges.

She’s fantastic at reminding folks! One time she reminded a whole large group of families that sometimes the best things in life happen unexpectedly.

Asha, the tiny little magician. The marvelous and mighty being that once changed May to February.

Asha, the tiny little magician. The adorable and persistent being that decided all on her own when she would enter this world. Apparently she has something to do. She didn’t have time to wait! Not for the likes of any of us! She came into this world when she did, and in doing so changed many people’s worlds. She has something to do, and I’m sure she’ll let us know/show us when she feels like it.

‘Meet’ my wonderful, brilliant, beautiful, precious new granddaughter Asha, whom we all love so much. And although she has only been on this earth for 38 days thus far, she has already accomplished countless amazing feats. Try to imagine if you can, just how much more magic she has in store for us all!

Asha  –  In Swahili: Life

Asha  –  In Hindi/Sanskrit : Hope  आशा

Hummingbirds: Magical. Beautiful. Tiny. Amazing. Love. Brain power. Strong. Radiant. Soulful. Ancestors. Trinidad. Lisa.  

 Originally published March, 2019


  1. So beautifully written! As a nicu nurse and a proud Auntie of this precious little magician I got chills just reading it ♥️


  2. Maia,
    That’s a magical description of
    Asha’s entry into the world and a testimony about her mission in this world . She has the magic to transform the darkness in this world to sunlight and butterflies . She is one of our best hopes for the future of humanity . Let’s trust her and nurture her to be her
    “best self.” You’re right her story has inspired us all!!!


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