Layered, They Are

Here they are

Come find them

They are honest, fair, open minded and confident

They are also unsure and fragile

They are respected, or so they think… maybe they are a push over, laughed at and talked about behind their back

Too nice, some feel

Too unforgiving, others think

They are brave, smart and strong, yet stagnant and dumb as hell

Run over they got and get – they smile and act fine but they know they’re not

They know what love is… or do they? They know what love feels like… or do they?

They know how to love.

So many thoughts and ideas they have, therefore things get muddled and lost and forgotten or ignored

Too many priorities equal no priorities, this they know

Priority-less and jumbled. An actionless dreamer

Happy and not

Sometimes… or many times it’s the little things that do or do not count; it depends

No one has a clue about their extreme strength but they also need to grow a spine

Humorous and ludicrous, is there a difference?

Try they do not. And do.

Carefree, forgiving or densely weak

Intelligent, vibrant, loving yet stunted

Appreciative, misunderstood and random while in the same place and everywhere

Emotional yet internally poker-faced, or scarred

Frightened and fearless

Stupidly selfless and stupidly selfish

Full of life, full of love and full of good memories

Loyal, dedicated and deeply in love with those they love

Able to see the beauty

Who are they? Can they relate? Who are you? Can you relate?

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