Microfiction: Short-short stories that take an itsy bitsy amount of time to read. Each microfiction piece on this page is under 350 words (comparable to three minutes or less reading time).

His grandmother and great-grandmother came to see him today. How nice! They let him know how proud they were of him. They let him know how much they liked the sweet cake he gave them last week, and the fruit and drinks the week before. They loved the beautiful stick he found out in the backyard. He filled them in on all the new happenings currently going on in his life and thanked them for always being there for him. He asked for their advice. He laughed and shared a few jokes (and even a few tears).

“If only I could hug you both”, he whispered. “We’re hugging you at this very moment”, they whispered back.

He smiled, feeling their warm hugs. The cigar smoke swirled and danced as the candle flame flickered softly with the light brush of air from the door being opened. He shut it behind him as he headed out to begin his day.

Among so many other things, ancestors are also wonderful visitors and huggers.


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