Not That I’m Counting or Anything Though

You remind me of me, we have the same eyes

You remind me of me, you have some silver strands of hair but you haven’t even reached your mid-twenties yet

I see that sparkle of happiness in your eyes and smile 

I see sadness in your soul sometimes

I see your impatience and I also acknowledge your extreme patience … yes, you have both

Your demeanor; it is sometimes so much like mine

I see your kindness, compassion and love

I see your strengths and I see the weaknesses

You gain weight easily, just like me

You like books and movies that I find interest in as well

You get caught up on your words like I do

Like me, you know what you want to say, and at times spill it out, however it comes out… no holding back with you sometimes!

You steer clear of large crowds most times but have no problem being in them…. you just don’t particularly love it

You don’t have time for nonsense

You remind me of me. All of you.

But that makes perfect sense, since I carried each of you in my womb for nine lengthy months

Approximately 27 months total

Roughly 800+ days total

About 19,200 hours total

Around 1,152,000 minutes total

Something like 69,120,000 seconds total

And once each of you finally arrived, for quite some time, you spent nearly every single moment of your lives with me

Your veins, hearts and cerebrums have the same fabric and matter as mine

We are entwined for each of our eternities

Eternities of countless magnitudes of time, no matter the order

Countless nanoseconds, picoseconds, femtoseconds, attoseconds and zeptoseconds

To think of this warms my heart and it means absolutely everything to me

Not that I’m counting or anything though…

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