And Then It Was Thursday

Philosophical, prosperous, expansive and balanced – this is what I feel today as I sit here on Jupiter.

I look forward, and if I stand on my tippy toes and stretch my neck out as far as possible, I can just barely see Friday way off in the distance. I know I’ll see it in its entirety tomorrow though, so I’m in no rush.

Now I look back (as in Throw Back Thursday) and feel nostalgic. I reminisce. I realize that I have some ‘throwback babies’, which is wonderful. A few of them have hazel eyes, but not from me or their father. From the ancestors, they’ve received some genes which had lain dormant through several generations. Atavism. My great-grandmother had gorgeous hazel eyes.

If I look forward and back, I see future and past Thanksgivings.

I play some music. Sticking with this Thursday theme because I’m diggin’ it, I search for songs with any sort of connection. I play Jim Croce’s song, titled Thursday, which does not have the word Thursday in the lyrics at all. Then I play Prince’s song Superfunkycalifragisexy from The Black Album that never really existed but did exist but didn’t, but actually did. Yep, that album. I sing/talk along, “maybe I’ll see you next Thursday night, maybe I won’t…”

Prince transcended from planet Earth on a Thursday. I learned that Jim Croce left on a Thursday as well (in 1973). David Bowie has a song titled Thursday’s Child but he went on to his next phase on a Sunday…

Thursday can be many things. Do with it what you will! As for me, I sit on Jupiter waitin’ on Friday, while reminiscing and listening to music.

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