“I Wonder if She Knows How Much I Extra Absolutely So Complete and Sweetly Love Her”

A post in response to today’s daily one-word prompt.

Today’s promt word WONDER triggered me to think of an unreleased Prince song that I absolutely love. Not many people know of it (as is the case with a multitude of his songs – unreleased or otherwise).

The title of the song is “I Wonder”. Not to be confused with “I Wonder U” song from the 1986 Parade album (soundtrack for Under the Cherry Moon).

I Wonder was recorded in 1990 or 1991 at Paisley Park Studios, according to Princevault.com

Here are a few of the lyrics that I wanted to share. I’ve always loved Prince’s mind…

“A gust of southern wind came and took my girl away from me, now my tears could fill an ocean, my tears could fill a sea”

“I wonder if she thinks about me, I wonder”

“I wonder if she knows how much I love her”

“I wonder if she knows how much I need her face around”

“I wonder if she cares about me, I wonder”

“I wonder what grounds below her, I wonder what skys above”

“I wonder if she’ll really ever know”

These are not all of the lyrics and they are not in order. These are just some. There are also lyrics in this same song such as, “Many women come and go, they say my heart’s uncarin’.” And, “All the other girls I know are dumb, dumber than a post. But my girl knows everything, I’m the king so I need to boast.” Oh boy.

This is not one of his songs with deep complex lyrics (but oh how I love those). No profound or mysterious wording. It’s a feel good jam, and the lyrics are straightforward and to the point. The catch is, it’s his delivery of the lyrics. As usual.

Listen to his delivery here: PRINCE – I WONDER

And so are the beautiful intricacies of Prince…

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