FYI: If You See…

A post in response to today’s daily one-word prompt.

Just FYI:

If you see me smiling that means something or someone has given me joy, if even a sliver… it doesn’t take much. I’m lovin’ all over something.

If you see me wide-eyed that means I’m surprised and curious. I need to know!

If you see me wrinkle my forehead and tilt my head to the side that means I’m either in deep thought, worried or confused and trying to figure ‘it’ out.

If you see me with poker face while simultaneously saying, ‘Yeahhhhh right’ that means I’m trying to keep my thoughts to myself for the sake of us all.

If you see me poke my lips out, lift an eyebrow and roll my neck … well something or someone has succeeded at getting on my very last nerve and I’m certainly about to let somebody know! Shoooot.

If you see me smiling but with a wrinkled forehead, tilted head, wide-eyed and with a lifted eyebrow, this means it’s been a long day and I’m discombobulated as heck!!

Just FYI.

FYI ClipArtKid

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